Kudos services are unavailable

After 1 hour and 29 minutes

Our service provider is reporting that they have resolved the issue, so Kudos services should no longer be at risk.

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After 1 hour and 27 minutes

One of our service providers is experiencing ongoing networking issues, which may cause intermittent and widespread outages among Kudos services. They are working to resolve the problem, but there may be further outages until they manage to mitigate the cause.

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After 28 minutes

Services are now recovering from the incident. You may notice that operations take longer to process, and you may see inconsistent data on different Kudos services as processes catch up with any backlog.

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We are seeing problems accessing all Kudos services, which may result in pages taking a long time to load, or failing to load completely or partially. We're investigating and will provide updates.

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Affected components
  • Website
  • Publication search
  • Sharing
  • Data Import
  • Widgets